About me

I am a foreign affairs commentator for Access Publications at the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA), writing on international issues ranging from human rights and democracy- to issues pertaining to the current global economic turmoil- to the increasing role of citizen journalism in the information revolution.

Currently I’m interning for former U.S President Bill Clinton at the William J. Clinton Foundation in New York, U.S.A.

In 2011, I was President of the African Club at The University of Melbourne, running a host of workshops on issues from development to human rights and governance issues. I am also the Melbourne Bureau Chief for the Asia-Pacific Youth Organization (APYO) spearheading the policy and feature articles department for the Victorian division. I was also the Victorian representative for the Inaugural Australia-India Youth Dialogue.

I am now pursuing a Masters in International Relations at the University of Melbourne with my research focusing on Energy security and Strategic Competition in the South China sea and currently hold a first-class honours average. I have interviewed prominent diplomats including Australian High Commissioners to India and South Africa. A human rights activist and gifted with strong oratory skills, I have addressed large audiences, particularly on human rights issues.

Whilst I study and work out of Melbourne, I’ve been blessed with the opportunities to travel widely around the world indulging in freelance journalism when I can between trekking, sightseeing and volunteering with charities. I recently returned from Nepal after conquering the Himalayas reaching a whopping 18,000 feet!

In my spare time I enjoy cross-fit training, playing Touch Football and cooking.

In the future, I hope to run for public office. I have also worked for the former Immigration Minister, the Hon. Kevin Andrews at his MP Office. In August 2012, I hope to launch a Young Scholars program to provide an ongoing forum for young Australians passionate about public policy to debate and formulate sound policy ideas and develop innovative models of governance structures and practices that have the potential to transform Australian public policy. A strong believer in ‘soft power’, a term coined by Joseph Nye, I strongly believe Australia has a unique role to play in the globalized world, utilising our soft power approach to engage in effective and powerful public diplomacy.


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  1. “Conquering the Himalayas reaching a whopping 18,000 feet!” — If you can do that, you can do anything! Love it!

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